Thursday, November 15, 2007

Terry Conquerors all...

TerryMoustache win's over synthetic animal rights activist.  Number Brain as he prefers to be called posed for six hours solid while we drank tea. This is actually a moving photo. He said "I am a leopard, a synthetic leopard, fast and lean, tall and well groomed, still like a black puddle in the Serengeti" . 


It's very simple, a long time ago before peiroodykes casually strolled the earth an idea was fused together through chocolate and regular household copper wiring, HAIL! The Umbrella was born. Two thousand years later on a random mission to the outer regions of the West Side Highway its handle was turned up side down, heavy experimentation with smuckers acid peanut butter was to blame. This moment was claimed by one man, made of two. The leap forward could only be compared to that of Quantum Leap, Season 1 Episode 1, the best! After that it got predictable. This Catastrophic idea continued! It's aim to ever push back the boundaries of style, insanity of ducks, old men in pajama's and top lip attire that holds no prejudice towards any of gods creatures, apart from girls that wear bad shoes. 
This became its doctrine. All curtsey TerryMoustache.